Digital photos - storage and recovery

Digital photographs are easy to shot, require no complex chemical postprocessing, and are, all in all, quite a convenience. As a side effect, the deletion of the digital photos is convenient to the same extent.

You can delete a photo which you think is not needed, and change your mind afterwards. Another widespread scenario is that you think you have a copy of the photos on your PC, and clear ("format") the card, only to find out that you forgot to make a copy, or it is unusable for whatever reason.

Hardware malfunctions also have their share of lost digital photos. All the equipment and software involved in processing of the photos can malfunction and cause the photos to be lost. The list includes the camera itself, the memory card, the computer which receives the images, and whatever software controls the transfer process. Loose or bad quality cables may be a problem as well.

Here, we discuss the following topics

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